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Dia Mirza

Actor, producer, activist and columnist

Dia Mirza is an Indian film actor, producer, activist and columnist.
Since the year 2000, she has been in the public gaze for not just her films but also her work in the fields of education, cancer care, animal welfare, gender parity, environment and more. She is on the advisory board of Anandana foundation that works towards sustainable solutions at a grass root level in rural India.
Through active grass root work, Twitter, her fan page on Facebook, appearances, lectures, columns and more, this Jiddu Krishnamurti follower uses her success to raise support for the Cancer Patients Aid Association, PETA, ADAPT, Sanctuary Asia's Leave Me Alone - Save The Tiger campaign and many more causes. Her work for environmental causes was acknowledged at the IIFA awards when she was awarded the Go Green Award. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Green Globe Foundation Award as well as several Women’s Achievement Awards.
She is respected and recognized today as a powerful social influencer.

Let's Talk About Sex

I squirm at the thought that we are 'culturally' so deficit in imparting how important sex is to human existence. How pious, sacred and tender sex can be. How sex is pleasurable only when it is an act performed by consenting adults.
09/12/2014 1:42 PM IST