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Dennis E.

International Journalist, Author, and Software Engineer

Dennis Adonis is an International Journalist and Author with more than 20 published books in at least five different languages to his name.
His work in journalism is very much extensive in as much that he has penned content for dozens of mainstream news outlets ranging from CNN to the Los Angeles Post Examiner, among others.

Being a thorough fact finder, his journalism expertise has took him to more than 30 countries across four continents during the unfolding of many international breaking news events; including being among the first wave of journalists on the ground in Liberia during the Ebola Crisis, and on the front-lines in Crimea during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
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3 Dangerous Countries That Investors Are Willing To Bet On

If you are an insanely positive investor, then here are three "dangerous" countries, where you can invest as little as $20,000, and perhaps, just perhaps, become a success overnight. Yes, there's an Ebola risk in Liberia, ethnic conflict in South Sudan and the little problem of other countries not recognising Somaliland, but then again, if you have the stomach for that sort of thing...
02/02/2016 8:36 AM IST

The Oil Factor: The Real Reason Why Russia Is Fighting In Syria

Many observers can't seem to figure out Vladimir's Putin's real reason for being in Syria. Why is he spending millions of dollars to fight a war that was not supposed to be his? After all, Russia's economy is badly in need of money, after suffering billions of dollars of budget cuts and losses, due to an alleged American campaign that saw oil dipping from around $147 per barrel to a low of around $30?
25/01/2016 8:21 AM IST
Mikhail Svetlov via Getty Images

Putin's Billionaires And The Global Economic Weapon That India Won't Use

In 2015, Vladimir Putin played an incendiary global economic card against the West by asking Russian billionaires to pull out their cash from the West and bring it home into the Russian financial system. And though less than 0.4% of them initially complied, that was more than enough to create global market fears... if New Delhi were to make a similar call to the Indian diaspora, and 0.4% heeded it, then the scale of economic chaos in the global financial system would be far greater.
18/01/2016 8:22 AM IST
carloscastilla via Getty Images

5 Female Pop Stars With Surprisingly Indian Roots

From Lata Mangeshkar and K S Chithra, to Sunidhi Chauhan and dozens of others, India is not short of female singing sensations that have achieved international recognition and won admirers across an array of cultures. But while their Indian identities are visible in plain sight, there are still others who have India running through their bloodstream even though they call other lands their own.
14/01/2016 8:31 AM IST