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Avantika Debnath

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Avantika is a corporate professional who gets drunk on good reads. And after having devoured on Khaled Hosseini, Erich Segal, Amitava Ghosh and Paulo Ceolho, she has finally figured out that writing is the only thing she would find solace in. She also has a crazy end to her personality with zero tolerance towards social hypocrisy and the open denial of truth that prevails all around. After slogging her a** for quite a while in various form of writing she has finally worked out her first book, The Bridal Pyre - Nainam Dahati Pawakah. She speaks her mind through everything she writes and doesn't pen a word down if she doesn't mean it. So, only if you can face reality, read her posts

The Infamous Sunny Leone Interview: Am I The Only One Who's Sceptical?

How on earth am I supposed to believe that a journalist with so many years of experience could be so short-sighted? That the flawless appeal of the interview, the sympathy it elicits from the viewer for Leone, is just a well-timed blessing of the Almighty towards the team of her upcoming film Mastizaade? And let's not forget a special mention for Aamir Khan, who milked the state of affairs masterfully.
22/01/2016 12:29 PM IST