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Atima Mankotia

Journalist, HR professional, Media Communications expert

Atima Mankotia has worked in print, publishing and electronic media in various editorial capacities for over 20 years. Some of the organizations she has worked for are Media TransAsia, Oxford University Press and NDTV. She completed her graduation and masters in History from St Stephen's College. Later, after completing a post graduation in Human Resources, she worked with several organizations such as Rbnl as an HR professional and a Media Communications expert.
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3 Laws Of The Mother-In-Law Phenomenon

Doris Roberts, who starred in the show Everybody Loves Raymond passed away on 20 April. She played the nosy and overbearing mother-in-law to Raymond's wife in the sitcom and her character is not very different from our own homegrown Indian mothers-in-law. Doris, a fine actor, epitomized the mother-in-law phenomenon. If you're not sure of what that entails, read on.
22/04/2016 8:15 AM IST