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Ashish Mukherjee

Vice President, Education and Skill development department, IPE Global

Ashish Mukherjee, Vice President, Education and Skill development department, IPE Global, is currently the Team Leader for the DFID supported Odisha Girls Incentive Programme (OGIP).Ashish has over 13 years’ of experience working in the development sector and his interests lie in programme planning & implementation, conducting impact assessments and monitoring & evaluation. He has earlier served as Executive Director with the Centre for Development Finance (CDF), an action research think tank focused on improving government systems’ and markets’ capacity to channel finance into sustainable, holistic development, based at Chennai, India.
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With A Will To Study, There’s A Way To Pay For It In Odisha

“Do you go to school?” I ask a young boy who is walking barefoot, lost in deep thoughts with a wooden box hanging from a makeshift belt on his belly. He looks up, his gaze blank, his face dripping sweat. He nods his head first and then shakes it in quick denial. He starts to walk past, hurriedly adjusting the box every time it slides sideways. We follow him.
19/07/2016 12:01 PM IST