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Anshu Khanna

Fashion commentator, publicist, founder of Royal Fables

Anshu Khanna is a fashion commentator, publicist and the founder of Royal Fables, a platform that promotes art and design created in palaces of India. She has written on and promoted lifestyle couturiers and luxury brands for over two decades.
Rohit Khosla, Vanguard, by Rohini Khosla, Amanda Johnston. Art Books Intl Ltd.

Rohit Khosla Was India’s Greatest Designer, But He Never Got To Know It

The mere mention of his name leads to many evocative memories. That of an unbelievably handsome man who could have well played a cameo in a Hollywood starrer. That of a great designer who everyone recognizes as the founder of the modern Indian couture movement. That of a creative soul who was gone too soon, leaving his imprint on every fashion professional’s mind forever. So much so that 22 years later even a 20-year-old student of design will never ask, “Rohit Khosla? Who’s he?”
23/08/2016 5:19 PM IST
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Once Upon A Time Bina Ramani Was Czarina, And Rohit Khosla Was King...

So, old fogeys blog too. Fogeys like me who started writing lifestyle in newspapers at the time when the word "yuppie" was coined to great acclaim, and when a week in the life of a reporter was dotted with an Odishi dance performance by Sonal Mansingh one day, Bhimsen Joshi the next and a Ritu Kumar show once in a blue moon. When fashion was a big deal and couture was still being spelled in a hundred ways. Never mind the pronunciation.
26/05/2016 8:11 AM IST