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Ankush Tiwari

MD & SVP - Engineering at Mobiliya-India

Ankush Tiwari is MD & SVP - Engineering at Mobiliya-India. He has more than a decade of experience in building software for mobility. He was the Lead Architect for Azingo (acquired by Motorola), where he led the Web 2.0 application framework and middleware architecture for the Open Source Linux Platform and the open source browser for embedded systems.

How The Internet of Things Could Revolutionise Our Lives, Work

Imagine a situation when the simple biometric system at your office not only marks your attendance but also automatically logs you into all your work apps, email accounts and ERP systems, instead of you having to manually tap into 10 different interfaces every day.
16/08/2015 8:34 AM IST

Now On Tap: Why You Shouldn't Leak Too Much To Google's Latest Feature

Google's latest offering to the world, Now on Tap, promises to be a game changer for smartphone users. A seemingly simple app that practically "reads" all that is there on your screen and provides more information based on the content. Hail contextual search! This feature works across apps, emails, texts or music platforms. While this may seem awesome for the regular smartphone user and almost orgasmic for a hard-core developer, it is a potential time bomb as far as data security and user privacy are concerned.
02/07/2015 8:14 AM IST