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Amee Misra

Economist, mom

Amee used to be many things but she is now a mother. She lives in Delhi with a 2-year old boy and his entourage.
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Things They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy And Motherhood

Pregnancy brain or ‘momnesia’ is a real thing too. I am sure there are complex, scientific reasons at play here but, to put it simply, you feel and act rather dim. They say you’ll go back to your old self a few months post-partum, but you don’t — my son is now three and I continue to function on less-than-full mental capacity.
20/09/2016 2:17 PM IST
Meriel Jane Waissman

Why We Need To Stop Telling Women They're Equal To Men

The biggest disservice we do to women is telling them that they are equal to men. We fail to prepare them for their reality and, by doing so, we set them up for a lifetime of struggle, disappointment and misery. This whole bringing-up-your-daughters-the-way-you'd-bring-up-your-sons business is nonsense. When did we decide that there is an ideal human being prototype and it's all male? Why is no one bringing up their sons like they'd bring up their daughters?
11/08/2015 8:30 PM IST
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Things Nobody Told Me About Having Babies

Babies are basically god rolling his eyes at plans you make about life. Think you have your life all figured out? The next holiday, the career move that'll catapult you into whatever orbit you aim to reach, that book you want to read before they make the movie that you will then want to watch? Think again.
24/07/2015 8:30 AM IST