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Abhishek Anicca

Writer interested in politics, culture, films and music

Abhishek Anicca is a writer based in Patna. When he is not writing short stories or working on his first novel, he spends time procrastinating over politics, culture, films and music.
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Why Dalits Can Rely Only On Themselves To End The Cycle Of Oppression

In the past few weeks, there have been few “newsworthy” incidents of violence against Dalits. But for those familiar with the systematic oppression of Dalits across the country, these instances might not be as “shocking” as they might seem to the consumers of mainstream media. What is different, though, is that these recent incidents have sparked outrage and started a new wave of protests across the country, especially in Gujarat.
01/08/2016 11:06 AM IST

Mocking The Bihar 'Toppers' Means Failing To See The Real Problem

Once a year, every year, there is at least one piece of news that questions the very existence of a viable education system in Bihar. Then, in the spirit of sensationalism, the media bypasses any debate on the education system and makes it a point to highlight everything regressive that can be attached to the state of Bihar. This year, it was the on-camera "examination" of two Bihar board toppers of the intermediate/Class 12th exams.
15/06/2016 8:42 AM IST
Alina Goncharova via Getty Images

Bihar's Health System Is Only Making People Sicker

In one of the most backward blocks of Western Champaran, there's a certain Primary Health Centre (PHC) that highlights all that is wrong with the health sector in Bihar and in many ways, all over India. This particular PHC has two buildings -- one is newly constructed with a greater capacity for beds and better infrastructure, while the other is dilapidated and crumbling due to years of neglect. Sadly, the PHC still functions in the old building while the new one remains unused.
23/05/2016 8:13 AM IST
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Dear Raj Thackeray, Big Thanks From Bihar

Fragmented by class, caste and ideological boundaries, the people of Bihar hardly ever come together under one identity. From time to time, whenever our 'asmita' is overshadowed by doubt, you come to our rescue. You remind us that we are, after all, Biharis, all of us, even those who don't consider themselves Biharis anymore and are not very different from you in their ideology and politics.
18/03/2016 8:19 AM IST