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Abhaey Singh

Founder, The Indian Debating Union

Abhaey Singh is an investor, real estate CEO, and founder of The Indian Debating Union. His work has been covered internationally, including by the BBC and The Times of India.

He mentors young entrepreneurs in his spare time, and is well known for his talks on India, nation-building, and values-based leadership.

Abhaey can be contacted via Twitter or via Facebook. 

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Beyond Sutras And Kama: India's Timeless Wisdom in Love, Relationships And Marriage

India's most profound view of love is that it be defined by one's knowledge of the other; the emphasis of Indian treatises on love, including the famously elevated -- and excruciatingly dumbed-down -- Kama Sutra, is about anchoring relationships upon an intimate awareness and respect of a partner's personality, desires, thought process, physicality and even the gentlest of nuance. As ever, in the Indian psyche, playfulness subsists hand-in-hand with sanctity, sensuousness with respect, earthly passion with ethereal divinity.
16/12/2015 4:04 PM IST