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​Ashish Soni


​Ashish Soni launched his label in 1991, followed by his own independent design studio Ikos Designs in 1993.​ ​Ashish’s history is full of firsts.​ ​In the same year, he became the first Indian designer to hold a solo showing in Delhi, he was also the first designer to be invited to hold a runway show at Olympus fashion week, New York and, he was one of the first Indian designers to retail through Selfridges.

Ashish held his first exclusive menswear show in 1999.​ ​His experimentation with fabrics, infusing them with unusual textures and treatments took him to conceive embroideries for The House of Francois Lasage, Paris. He was then also chosen by the Government of India to present an exclusive collection to ​c​ommemorate the Millennium celebrations of Khajuraho.

At his debut in Olympus fashion week, New York, September 2005, he was hailed as “one of New York’s new discoveries” by International Herald Tribune’s Suzy Menkes.​ Ashish Soni has also served as the Chief Design Officer, for international luxury brand Vanessa G which was launched in London in 2011.
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The Indian Man's Tryst With His Wardrobe Is Just Becoming Exciting

A decade, even five years ago, if you happened to chance a peep into the wardrobe of an average Indian man, it would have been a Pandora's Box of stereotypes! A classic white shirt, a black three-piece suit, some polo t-shirts for the weekends, and if they were "experimental" then probably a suit in blue or beige -- but that's as far as it would go. The words "fashion" and "style" were too effeminate for them to consider when thinking of what clothes to buy.
18/05/2016 7:59 AM IST