How What I Think Shapes My Destiny

There is nothing as contagious as happiness, nothing as powerful as thoughts. In the previous blog Happiness, Let's Talk we vetted three belief systems that were rock-solid yet dead-wrong. Scrutinising them confirmed that our happiness is in every sense, independent of accomplishments, possessions and relationships. Let us now step forward and write for ourselves in non-erasable ink, a destiny of perpetual happiness using our thought power.

On good days we feel like owners of a million-dollar yacht. Other days we see our world exploding without forewarning. On good days we seem charged and revved for no apparent reason. Other days are a chore, we fight waves of grief but tears trickle down nonetheless. Frustrated from watching our moods sway from one quality of emotion to the other extreme, we concluded at different levels that all our emotions including happiness are controlled by people and events.

Time to stand corrected and take delight in the fact that each of us is gifted with an innate capability to create and enjoy an endless supply of happiness, just by tapping into the power of our thoughts. Happy thoughts manifest a happy destiny.

What triggers my happiness, what snaps it, how and for how long can I remain happy are pertinent questions pressing for answers. The answer lies in a simple, logical chain that starts from our thoughts and moves forward sequentially, each leading to the next — feelings, attitude, actions, habits, personality and destiny. These six components (seven, including thoughts) are words we are too familiar with. A little attention and a little churning discern how they beautifully work in tandem from thoughts to destiny. Let us see how one right thought creates happiness and cascades it all the way to destiny.

Every thought generates my feeling.

Thoughts are my creation. Every thought gives rise to a feeling, so how I feel is decided by the quality of my thought. Happiness is a feeling, an emotion and an experience I go through. I also experience a gamut of feelings or emotions like peace, love, pain, anxiety, anger, and worry. So when I consciously create a pure, positive, elevated, and comforting thought, it generates an emotion. I feel 'happy'. Effectively, the quality of my thoughts control my emotions.

Let us suppose I am an employee that creates a thought, "I enjoy working at this office." This thought generates a positive emotion and I feel happy. When I feel a particular way, I naturally create more thoughts of the same quality. So in this case, my happiness breeds happiness. On the contrary, if I create a thought, "I hate working at this office," owing to challenges at work, the thought generates a negative emotion and I feel miserable. My feeling miserable depletes my inner power and weakens me. As a result, the same challenges at office appear much bigger as I have become weaker than before. Alternatively, if I consciously think, "I have challenges at office but I will face them," I feel strong and capable of overcoming challenges!

Feelings develop my attitude.

Attitude means everything for a reason. My feelings are generated (based on thoughts) at every moment — whether I am in my field of relationships, at home, at workplace or at a movie. Everyone is who they are, everything is what it is. Feeling the same way for the same people and situations over a prolonged period develops my attitude towards them. This attitude decides whether I accept, respect, care for or reject people and situations.

Rounding back to the above example, if I create the thought, "I enjoy working at this office" every day over a certain duration, the resulting happiness felt during that time frame seals my perspective, my attitude towards my office — one of belongingness!

Attitude brings me into action.

My attitude dictates my outlook, my behavior and my response to people and situations. So my attitude largely drives the quality of my actions.

Reusing the same example, a sense of belonging towards my workplace brings out the best in me. I work passionately, bond with teams and stay aligned to my company's goals. Take note, this is a perfect juncture to reflect how my 'feeling happy' gets automatically infused into my actions.

Repeated actions form my habits.

How we cultivate habits is no rocket-science. Repeat an act twice, thrice, maybe ten times for a new habit to be born.

When I am a high-performing employee acing every task at office, I enjoy its associated tangible and intangible perks. That enhances my happiness and motivates me to perform better in the next project and then the next. I get into a habit of remaining happy, performing and succeeding.

Habits define my personality.

I become what I repeatedly do. So all my habits combined together shape my personality. They become an integral part of my life, flowing into my behavior and guide my way through life.

If I am a happy employee, happiness flows into my personality. It is not restricted to just my workplace but blends with me. Happiness accompanies me everywhere and leaves a mark in everything I do.

Personality in action manifests my destiny.

As will be my personality, so will be my every action. As will be my action, so will be the consequence of the action. That consequence is my 'Destiny'.

Eventually this is how they come into one bundle — my thoughts create feelings, feelings develop my attitude, attitude comes into action, actions repeatedly done cultivate habit, habits influence my personality, and my personality scripts my destiny.

I choose how I want to feel the whole day, my whole life. I decide the list of emotions to entertain and those to be kept out of my turf. I have the power to write a destiny of my choice. So I create the right thought, its effect gushes into every step thereafter even if I do not see it coming, and unfolds a HAPPY DESTINY!

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