How To Live And Breathe Yoga Every Day

Yoga is not about a few minutes or hours. It is in every action.

The pace at which humanity is embracing a conscious practice of yoga is comparable to waves breaking to seashore. Some people are hurrying, some are leisurely, some are tiptoeing and some are sluggish, but everyone is eventually following one yogic practice or another. Acknowledging its remarkable influence on our wellness, 21 June is observed as the International Day of Yoga.

A tightrope walk

Today we are putting on our brightest faces while grappling with difficult roles and responsibilities. We have created stress, anger, anxiety, fear, jealousy, expectations—all emotional illnesses we fail to recognise, since everyone around appears the same. We believed they are normal. It is now time to realise that happiness, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance are normal. Taking care of our inner world (which creates every thought, decision and karma) and then doing everything we can in the outer world creates true happiness. Let us explore how yoga helps us create it.

Conscious yogic practice

Each of us is a constant creator of thoughts. Every thought I create has four impacts—it creates my feelings, it affects every cell of my body, it reaches the person about whom I am thinking, and it finally radiates into the environment. So my thoughts are connected to my emotions, health, relationships and environment.

Every thought I create has four impacts—it creates my feelings, it affects every cell of my body, it reaches the person about whom I am thinking, and it finally radiates into the environment.

The word yoga is derived from the root yuj, which means connection or union. It means I the being, am in yoga with all that I am connected. So I the being am in yoga with my mind, with my body, with people and with nature. Thus, when I create a thought of irritation, anger, hurt, hatred, fear, or jealousy, it influences my feelings and I create unhappiness. It influences my body and causes illness. It reaches people and creates conflict. It radiates into the environment and affects world consciousness. So in this case, our yoga with these four dimensions is disturbed. The disturbance occurred because I missed yoga or connection with the 5 element—the Supreme Power.

In Rajayoga meditation, I the being connect to the Supreme Power who is the source of Purity, Peace, Love, Wisdom and Bliss. It helps my original state of being to re-emerge, which includes seven original qualities—Purity, Peace, Love, Happiness, Knowledge, Power, and Bliss. Once I let these emerge, happiness, peace and love come naturally.

When I am in yoga, the following things happen:

a) I shift my mind from suffering to happiness. So I remain calm in crisis and let go of past memories, with peace and contentment becoming my natural state.

b) My positive feelings radiate good energy to every cell of my body. So the yoga between me and my body shifts from illness to health.

c) I will be more compassionate and empathetic towards people, resulting in pure energy exchange with others. So the yoga between me and others shifts my relationships from conflict to harmony.

d) I radiate pure vibrations into the environment and influence universal consciousness. So the yoga between me and the environment shifts to create a peaceful world.

Incorporating the yogic lifestyle

Yoga is not about a few minutes or hours. It is in every action. We can incorporate yoga into our lifestyle by following these fundamentals:

  • The first thought upon waking up can be of gratitude to God and to everyone and everything that makes our life beautiful, so that the day begins with pure vibrations.
  • Rajyoga—meditation in the morning hours, connecting to the Supreme Power to energise ourselves and to change our sanskars.
  • Pranayam—breathing exercises can be done in a way that all toxic energy and negative thoughts are exhaled and pure thoughts are inhaled. For example, expectations exhaled, acceptance inhaled; hurt exhaled, love inhaled.
  • Hath yoga—when doing physical exercises, we must not think about any issues, else negative energy patterns and blockages get created in the body. We can create thoughts such as "I am a peaceful soul. My every action is peaceful. I accept everyone. The world is beautiful. My body is my temple, healthy and clean."
  • Gyan yoga—the day can begin with reading or listening for 20 minutes to positive information (like spiritual knowledge), forming the basis of our thoughts. Taking one thought we can create an affirmation for the day. Newspapers can be postponed to a later part of the day.
  • Karma yoga—taking care that every thought, word, and action throughout the day is divine.
  • Saatvik diet—as is the food, so is the mind. Creating thoughts of peace and love while cooking food makes it high energy, saatvik food. Tamsic food is low energy food which carries vibrations of hatred, pain and fear.
  • Nidra yoga—before going to sleep, any issues playing on the mind need to be resolved. We can spend 10 minutes reading a positive soothing message.

The ring of truth

Just as we spend time nurturing our physical and social health, we must pay attention to our spiritual and emotional health. Yoga has the power to create happiness, health, harmony and heaven on earth.

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