Photoblog: Chasing Fish On The Streets Of Delhi

Produce from Orissa, Goa and Gujarat is sent over to fish sellers in Delhi every day.

The different fish bazaars in the city have their own rhythms: some start off early in the morning and sell out by 9am, others operate at regular shop hours; a few set themselves up for only a few hours in the evening. These places can be trusted to only sell catch that's been brought over the same day. If you thought variety in fresh fish shopping was a privilege better enjoyed by cities along the coast, we've gone out and collected evidence to prove otherwise.


A man in a tank separates fish by size and type.

Yusuf Sarai

CR Park

For times when shopping leaves you hungry, and waiting to get home and cook seems like a stretch, CR Park has shops that fry fish on the spot. The excellent fish and cutlets are coated in breadcrumbs and stored, ready to be fried and served with a spicy coconut, yogurt and mustard chutney.

*No names. No directions. Only vague locations. Binge photo guides challenge you to find these spots using only the photographs and the limited information we give out. We haven't made it too hard but you might need to go exploring a little bit: high-five us if you manage, and write to us if you don't.

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