08/03/2017 1:13 PM IST | Updated 08/03/2017 1:16 PM IST

5 Reasons Why Women Are An Asset To The Workplace


When it comes to the workplace, men and women are wired differently. Individuals have a pre-set notion that males can make effective leaders, while women lack this quality as they are very emotional by nature. Unless the transformation routes across the world involve women, they will merely remain "recipients" of change rather than becoming "agents" of change. With the advent of dynamism in business models, the role of women is also undergoing a positive transformation, thereby contributing towards women's empowerment, skill development, and growth. In today's times, where communication and integration are essential for success, women are at a considerable advantage in the workplace. Hence, corporates and brands are now working hard to incorporate gender diversity into their culture and mission.

In today's times, where communication and integration are essential for success, women are at a considerable advantage in the workplace.

Promoting gender diversity in workplaces can result in massive gains for the economy as a whole. Women by nature tend to be more empathetic, more inclusive, more compassionate and believe in collaborative workplaces. Their intelligence, passion and helpful nature can help create healthy workplace relationships that benefit the company. Understanding the advantages women bring with them, corporates are now recruiting and including women employees at all levels in their work force. Here are a few reasons why women can bring a significant positive change to the workplace.

Tolerance and determination

Among the most important traits required to be successful in any business are tolerance and determination. Women tend to be both patient and persistent, which goes a long way in dealing effectively with a variety of customers, clients and co-workers.

Communication skills

Women are great communicators and pick up well on subtle visual, emotional and verbal cues. They are able to get across their point well and also able to understand others. This makes them great assets in any collaborative and group work efforts.

Time management

When it comes to creating and maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life, women surpass men. They have the capability to strategically manage their time and create a routine that works for them as well as the business. Flexible work schedules, work from home options etc. make it possible for women to complete their work as per their time and convenience.

Good problem-solvers

Women are able to efficiently disentangle verbal and non-verbal clues and pick up fast on problems that are brewing. This ability helps them be good at controlling damage even before it occurs.

Robust work ethics

Women generally believe in playing fair and following an ethical code of conduct in everything they do. This is an asset to any business looking to boost transparency and ethical practices.