28/03/2018 6:10 PM IST | Updated 28/03/2018 6:29 PM IST

An Indie Filmmaker's Dilemma On Deleting His Facebook Account

To be or not to be on fb?

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Two hundred forty point four megabytes, that's how much data I've created for Facebook. It took me more than a decade; wait, 4,092 days to be precise. For Facebook, it could be mere data but for me, it's a timeline of my life. The very thought of deleting my Facebook account is painful. Going through my downloaded data gives me pangs of nostalgia and I hear a voice in my head.

When you needed to run a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for your film - you turned to me! When your film was releasing, I was your best buddy. You bragged about how many views your trailer has received knowing very well that more than two-thirds of those views meant nothing because I tweak this data only to make you feel better! I do that because I care about you. Remember how you reduced me to a platform to brag about yourself and your film while making your movie? Am I meant for promotions or friendship? And today, when you see me down and out - you opportunistic, selfish, insignificant speck of dirt on the face of the earth, you have suddenly decided to take a moral high ground!

Tell me - didn't you violate your end user license when you put your film's poster in the place designated for your own profile picture? Or when you put up your film's banner in the place meant for your own photograph? Did you follow the user license when you created two profiles to get more than five thousand friends? Very conveniently you used me whenever you needed. You violated the user license whenever it suited you!

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Tell me how many of those people who're on your friend's list are actually your friends? Tell me if you have exchanged even a single word with more than half of your so-called friends in the last five years?

Calm down! take a deep breath Facebook! I just downloaded my personal data to see how closely you track my life. Chill, I've not made up my mind on deleting my account just yet!

That's good. Now you're being a good end user. See, at least I let you download your data.

So kind of you to let me download my own data! I do care a great deal about privacy and that's why you will notice that I mostly avoid posting details about my personal life. But even if I do out of sheer naïveté sometimes, it doesn't give you right to the ownership of my data.

You keep a track of every time I click on an ad! And, you have the contacts of all my friends too! Remind me when did I allow that?

Do you actually have my call logs and text messages as some people claim?

I understand I did sometimes interpret end user's license in a manner which you may consider violation but to part with my personal data without my consent isn't cool.

You know, in the older days, I often found long-lost friends, thanks to you. But today, I have a growing feeling that you aren't about friends anymore. Your mostly suggest products which I should buy and your suggestions sometimes spook me out. Can you read my thoughts? Or have you bugged my phone?

You see, we have shared the world wide web for more than a decade now. You're older than my smartphone and my cat! We go back longer than my current profession. Don't betray my trust.

Agreed, a poor indie filmmaker in a third world country needs you more than you need him. But does that give you the authority to commercialize my privacy? Certainly not.

Remember likes work only when they are mutual.

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