18/03/2015 8:11 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

5 Simple Lifestyle Changes For A Healthy Body And Mind

Follow these simple lifestyle tips for your body and mind. Not only will your immune system and weight benefit, you will also feel calmer and less stressed.

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Customers eat at a Domino's Pizza outlet, operated by Jubilant Foodworks Ltd., after the opening of the company's 600th Indian restaurant in New Delhi, India, on Monday, Aug. 26, 2013. Dominos is the worlds second-largest pizza chain. Photographer: Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you are reading this article, you probably care about your health but cannot help eating out because you're too busy to cook or have a buzzing social life. Now let me ask you: have been sick or visited someone in hospital? Do you remember that smell, feel and experience? Getting there in our toxic world is very easy. Even the most health-conscious people living in best of conditions cannot escape sometimes. What you can do, however, is to provide this beautiful living body that you have with the best possible external and internal environment.

It is no surprise that eating out often can lead to health issues sooner or later. If you live in India, then most likely you might know this one maid that comes every morning to your house smiling. She takes care of her kids, abusive husband and her old parents. This lady has no access to any of the super foods available in store these days. The only super food she has is her fresh home-cooked meal.

Also remember that what is eating you is as important as what you eat. You might be eating very well but toxicity at work, in your relationships etc., could contribute to your stress level. This may be the cause of energy drain from the mitochondria of your cells. Sometimes, even the best nutrition is not absorbed properly because of the external stressors that we face every day.

Follow these simple lifestyle tips for your body and mind. Not only will your immune system and weight benefit, you will also feel calmer and less stressed.

1. Eat out half as often as you do now: This tip has two benefits. It saves you money and gives you time to spend with yourself. When you eat a fresh, home-cooked fresh meal your energy levels soar and your mental clarity increases. As a result your productivity and decision-making abilities will improve. Even in the world's fanciest restaurants where the finest ingredients are used, the feelings and the health of the person cooking for us influence how we digest our meal. So home-baked sugar cookies made with love by grandma might have a different effect on your body than a cook who fought with his wife at home and muttered curses as he cooked for you with his not-so-clean hands.

2. Turn off electronics at least an hour before sleeping: What we don't realise while turning on the TV or checking Facebook on our phones at the end of the day is the fact that the blue light emanating from these devices messes up our sleep and hormones slowly but surely. In the last hour of the day plan your next day, pray, meditate, or read a book. Sleep in a dark room with open curtains and watch how your body will wake up by itself before the alarm rings. This simple change will not only boost your melatonin secretion to help you sleep better, but also leave you feeling more productive and energetic the following day.

3. Eat a nutritious side dish before going out: It may not sound like fun but it is a sure-fire way to cut out the guilt and bloating that invariable follows a spree of overeating. This tip will make you eat less outside while enjoying the company of great friends.

4. Set exercise appointments: Mark exercise into your calendar for six days a week. In this day and age everyone has million things to do, expected or unexpected, so it is likely that two days might fall off your calendar. Nevertheless this step will help you prioritise exercise in a practical way.

5. Be mindful of your health: If you work crazy hours and have no time to make a home-cooked meal, you need to stop in your tracks and think what is important to you in the long run. Where are you going? What will you have achieved once you reach there if you won't have this healthy body? Don't wait until you wake up in a hospital. Act now!