01/08/2016 12:20 PM IST | Updated 07/08/2016 9:47 AM IST

[Watch] The Speeches Of Philadelphia Show The Path To A Better, Brighter World

Mark Kauzlarich / Reuters

What an amazing week of speeches it was at the Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia.

As a blogger and speechwriter, I drooled at, envied and applauded the speeches, their writers and the people who delivered them with such grace and sincerity.

These speeches, they weren't mere election rhetoric.

They inspired and put faith back in people's hearts.

They touched people across nations and gave them hope. For their own people and their own situations.

They were powerful messages of equality, of humanity and of togetherness; of the need for restraint and equally of being able to take a stand; of leaving something back for our children and being role models for them; of decency and generosity; of courage and grace and optimism.

These speeches were not just about America.

They did not just inspire and touch a nation.

When you saw people of Anglo-Saxon and Caucasian origin cheer and cry as First Lady Michelle and President Obama spoke, you just knew that millions of people across the world are just as good.

That when it matters, the human race, across nations, will go beyond race, colour, class and caste.

That the Whites will take a stand for Blacks; and the Blacks will fight for the Whites; that Christians will support the Muslims; and Muslims will be friends with Hindus; that Hindus will help Christians; that Muslims will weep for the Sikhs; that the Sikhs will always support a noble cause.

That everyone will help and pray and take a stand for everyone who is down.

The acrimony and terror and hate mongering may have made people cringe and withdraw and be in doubt.

And the wolves may have cashed in on fear, to divide people on race, colour, class and caste.

But the speeches of Philadelphia helped to remind and reinforce that good will prevail over bad. Not just in America, but across continents and countries.

And for that reminder, speechwriters, go on, take a bow!

Here are the speeches that I think everyone should watch:

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