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YourDOST is your Emotional Wellness Coach. It provides you with an online platform ( for people to get guidance from experts. With 500+ psychologists, life coaches and career coaches, they aim to spread awareness about mental wellness in India. Richa Singh, Founder & CEO of YourDOST was also featured as one of the 7 Indians doing extraordinary things by Huffington Post. 
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I Attempted Suicide Twice But Now I Know It’s Not An Option

A recent study claimed that for the first time that suicide was the leading cause of death among young Indian women (ages 15-49), overtaking deaths during childbirth. What’s important to realize here is that those who attempt suicide are not being “selfish” or “taking the easy way out”. They are mentally ill, and they do it to end their plight. They are going through a difficult time in their life. A person who went through a similar phase shared her story with us.
09/09/2016 11:50 AM IST