Yogesh Gandhi

Freelance commentator and blogger

Yogesh Gandhi is a MarComm specialist who worships India’s only common god- Sachin Tendulkar. He writes for leading Cricket websites like www.royalchallengers.com and www.holdingwilley.com and seeks to capture life’s little moments of magic in his blog http://blogs.rediff.com/yogan/author/yogisms/. He has helped several Indian brands with his copywriting expertise and sound marketing advice. Aspiring global citizen, he currently lives in Pune with his inspiration- his wife, and his daughter- his life. He can be reached at yogeshsgandhi@gmail.com and @yogisms on twitter.
‘Bajirao Mastani' Is A Bollywood Classic – Just leave Your Scepticism At

‘Bajirao Mastani' Is A Bollywood Classic – Just leave Your Scepticism At Home

For those who were intrigued by all the controversy before the release of <em>Bajirao Mastani</em>, spare yourself the trouble of dusting off the history books or feverishly hitting the web search box. More than being a slice of history, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's latest film is essentially a celebration of love, a tale that portrays the conflict of human emotion against the backdrop of war, patriarchy and existing socio-religious norms which do not relent even in the face of an all-conquering warrior.
29/12/2015 8:15 AM IST