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Yogendra Vasupal

Chief Executive Officer and the co-founder of

Yogendra Vasupal is the Chief Executive Officer and the co-founder of Owned and operated by Inasra Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is the market leader in the budget and value stay segment in India, and is one of the fastest growing start-ups in the Indian travel and hospitality ecosystem.

Yogi started his career at the age of 19 by undertaking freelance projects to develop web-based applications and e-commerce portals. An internet and technology enthusiast from a young age, Yogi loved creating things and identified ‘online accommodation booking’ as a future trend, when ecommerce was beginning to take shape in India.

His vision of the e-commerce sector in India helped him develop a one-of its-kind, revolutionary, ecommerce portal of his own. That vision grew into the inception of an online portal for hotel accommodations anywhere in India known as Stayzilla.