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Yashwant Deshmukh

Pollster, founder of C-Voter

Yashwant Deshmukh is a Communications Professional with working experience of Journalist, Pollster, Evaluation Expert, International Observer and TV News Anchor rolled into one. Over the last two decades Yash has become a celebrated figure in the media and communication industry for his special emphasis on impeccable research, design & production.

He started Team CVoter in 1993; when he was still studying in IIMC. After receiving the UNI award for best research dissertation and for topping the 1993 batch across all streams; his company CVoter was hired by the premier news agency UNI to take care of on-line real time election analysis. The journey continued over last 20 years; eventually making Team CVoter one of the largest media and stakeholder research agencies in Asia with expertise in Public Opinion Research & Election Studies. Today; more than 120 team members work for CVoter across their 24x7 offices in Washington DC, Dubai and New Delhi.

Yashwant’s innovative and original analysis across the spectrum of Transitional, Disaster & Conflict hit societies is widely quoted; especially his defining works in South Africa; Egypt, Pakistan, DR Congo, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. His repertoire of works spans 15 Union Budgets and over 100 Union & Assembly Elections besides a host of international socio-political and economic events across 30 nations & territories.

In its US debut during 2012 Presidential election research, the CVoter Poll for UPI was routinely quoted and tracked by global media; including HuffPost and Nate Silver’s blog. The UPI/CVoter Poll was judged as the second most accurate daily tracking poll.

Yashwant was also credited for changing the entire dynamics of Election Coverage in South Africa when Team CVoter produced the gamechanger Election Series for ANN7 in 2014 General Elections. These days Yash is busy conducting research across the Arab Spring states and the first ever peace poll in Burma.

He did his Major in Media from the prestigious IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication) in New Delhi and has been trained professionally in Evaluations & Research (University of Ulster, UK), Polling & International Observations Missions (University of Bergen, Norway) and Elections Administration (Auburn University, USA).

Very few people know that Yashwant started the first ever Daily News Analysis program on first 24 hour Satellite News Channel. After producing and anchoring daily and weekly shows on JainTV, Zee News, AajTak, Sahara and Star News; Yashwant decided to take voluntary retirement from the TV screen in 2005 so that he could focus on international expansion of his company.

Away from the limelight, Yash is an accomplished keynote speaker, mentor and coach, training media and communications students the finer points of research in their day today activities. He is a visiting faculty in 6 Universities / Institutions and his workshops are attended by over 500 students every year. He is life member of WAPOR and also member of ISQOLS, ESRA and The Election Center.
Dear Rajdeep, I Am Not Communal And You Are Not

Dear Rajdeep, I Am Not Communal And You Are Not Anti-National

I found myself in agreement with almost everything you have written. And I consider myself a nationalist. So I couldn't figure how you said everything that a nationalist would find it hard to disagree with, and then managed to call yourself an anti-national! That feat truly stumped me.
22/02/2016 9:59 PM IST
Here's How Delhi Voters Scored AAP's 1-Year Report

Here's How Delhi Voters Scored AAP's 1-Year Report Card

So, the Kejriwal Government has completed one year in office. And there are so many report cards floating around, and with such conflicting ratings, that CVoter decided to put the record straight by asking the people who voted in the Assembly elections one year ago. Here's what we found.
16/02/2016 2:34 PM IST
C-Voter Survey: How Delhi Responded To The Odd-Even

C-Voter Survey: How Delhi Responded To The Odd-Even Rule

Delhi, for all its infrastructure and global prominence, never matched up to the innovative policies adopted by other capitals of similar stature. The odd-even scheme of managing vehicular pollution and congestion, therefore, was a daring policy move in more ways than one. In order to capture the mood on the streets, Cvoter undertook a tracker poll of Delhi over the two-week pilot run of odd-even policy.
17/01/2016 2:35 PM IST
Gallup-CVoter Poll: India Is Highly Optimistic About

Gallup-CVoter Poll: India Is Highly Optimistic About 2016

If faith can move mountains, hopes of a billion people can make or break political fortunes of leaders. According to Worldwide Independent Network Gallup International/Cvoter survey calculations of Hope Index for 73 major countries in the world, India is placed among top 10 "Most Optimistic Countries" with a net hope score of 47% regarding optimism amongst it's citizens.
31/12/2015 5:29 PM IST
Bihar 2015: A Close Look At Data Upends Conventional

Bihar 2015: A Close Look At Data Upends Conventional Wisdom

Muslim-Yadav-Kurmi (MYK) vote bank remained intact for the Mahagathbandhan (MGB) regardless of the ticket distribution and regardless of the same-caste candidates fielded by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Belying all apprehensions of disunity and internecine sabotage, MGB's vote bank of MYK not only worked seamlessly but also performed to its full potential.
29/11/2015 1:46 PM IST
The Nuanced View: 10 Things To Discern From Bihar Exit

The Nuanced View: 10 Things To Discern From Bihar Exit Polls

The Cvoter exit poll predicts a photo finish in the electoral race for Bihar, with the Mahagathbandhan (MGB) enjoying a slight edge with a projected vote-share of 42%; close on its heels is the BJP-led national Democratic Alliance (NDA) with 41%. However, these projections are predicated on a vote share-gap that is well within the range of statistical error, which means that despite it's the apparent edge of the MGB is not a very comfortable one. Here are some of our key takeaways from the Bihar exit poll.
06/11/2015 1:12 PM IST
BJP Inching Ahead Of Nitish-Lalu Alliance: CVoter Opinion

BJP Inching Ahead Of Nitish-Lalu Alliance: CVoter Opinion Poll

According to the latest Times Now-Cvoter Opinion Poll in battleground Bihar, the RJD-JD(U)-Congress Mahagathbandhan and the BJP+ are locked in a heavily contested and bitter fight for supremacy. For now, the estimates give a whisker of an edge to BJP+, but it can hardly be of much comfort to party strategists. Here is a breakdown of the many variables that will be important deciding factors in the outcome of the Bihar elections.
25/09/2015 1:28 PM IST
BJP, Gujarat and Patidar Politics: 10 Factors To Piece The

BJP, Gujarat and Patidar Politics: 10 Factors To Piece The Puzzle

Ever since Hardik Patel and the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) began their fierce battle in Gujarat to win OBC status for the affluent Patidar community, political pundits have been peering into their crystal balls to make predictions about the future of politics in the state. Since much of the andolan's ire is directed towards the ruling BJP, many are concluding that the party should be very worried for its future. But is this really the case? We believe that the answer lies in past events and equations in Gujarat. The following 10 factors hold the answer to the implications of the movement.
01/09/2015 2:17 PM IST
10 ‘X-Factors' That Could Decide Battle Bihar

10 ‘X-Factors' That Could Decide Battle Bihar 2015

The landslide 2014 victory (31 out of 40 seats) for the Narendra Modi-led NDA cemented the reputation of Bihar as a kingmaker state of India. However that was 2014. In politics, 24 hours can change everything. While it is premature to predict the direction in which the political winds will blow, it is worthwhile to delineate the 'X' factors that will go into the making of Bihar Verdict 2015.
24/08/2015 12:46 PM IST
The Trouble With Kejriwal's Referendum

The Trouble With Kejriwal's Referendum Proposal

Now that 81% in this polls have said resounding "Yes" on referendum question, the AAP leadership is free to score the political goals on this issue. Hopefully they will spare the wastage of public money on this exercise and use the same for some better public welfare projects. In comparison, Arvind Kejriwal's call for a referendum in Delhi on the issue of full statehood for Delhi seems a minor point of conflict. However, any move to put executive decisions to public poll may open a pandora's box.
13/07/2015 12:20 PM IST
Surviving Emergency: Midnight Knocks And Days On The

Surviving Emergency: Midnight Knocks And Days On The Run

My parent's defiance came at a personal price. Frustrated upon not finding us, the "unknown mob", as Sanjay Gandhi's hooligans were vaguely referred to by officials, raided our house in Lucknow and looted whatever little we had. What they didn't loot, they burned in our courtyard - furniture, clothes, books, all my toys. I did not get any more toys throughout my childhood, and almost 20 years later when I earned my first salary, I bought a big teddy for myself.
30/06/2015 3:37 PM IST
Survey Results: How Corporate India Feels After Modi's First

Survey Results: How Corporate India Feels After Modi's First Year

In BW/Cvoter exclusive survey of industry sentiment vis a vis Modi Sarkar's first year in power, the mood conveyed is of measured satisfaction. Far from the almost hysterical reception that May 2014 election results got, there is some reality check creeping into industry sentiment.
16/05/2015 2:40 PM IST
Pre-Budget Poll: Achhe Din Yet To Come For 59% But Hopes Still

Pre-Budget Poll: Achhe Din Yet To Come For 59% But Hopes Still High

As per the latest Cvoter Budget opinion poll conducted on 24-25 February 2015, over a representative random sample of 1942 respondents, the people of India have great expectations from the Modi Sarkar. The BJP's strong mandate was largely driven by economic issues that eventually became electoral planks, and the opinion poll analysed some of the more important among these.
27/02/2015 7:47 PM IST
Snap Poll: Punjab Says It Is Ready For

Snap Poll: Punjab Says It Is Ready For AAP

Although the assembly polls in the state are likely to take place in January 2017 the political structures of the future are beginning to crystallise in Punjab right now. In order to gauge the prevailing winds of change, Cvoter conducted a snap poll across the state with a randomly selected sample of 1047 respondents. Here is what we discovered.
20/02/2015 2:01 PM IST
Assembly Polls: A Historical Departure Was Just Witnessed In

Assembly Polls: A Historical Departure Was Just Witnessed In Delhi

The 2015 Delhi Assembly elections have proved to be point of historical departure in Indian politics. Whatever may be the results of Feb 7 elections, Delhi today stands critically polarized on socio-economic lines, or if we used Marxist terminology, one can say the populace of Delhi is mainly divided between the 'haves' and 'have-nots'.
10/02/2015 11:04 AM IST