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Yash Raj Goswami


Yash Raj Goswami is a part-time teacher and full-time brooder.
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The Shame Of Reading Novels

I am writing this in a train and sitting next to me are an elderly couple. The gentleman is easily in his mid-60s and is reading a book. Curious to know what book he's reading I tilt my head at a cert...
16/09/2016 2:32 AM IST
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The Non-Machoness Of Lord Krishna Can Teach Us Something About Masculinity

A couple of months ago, a friend and I were ambling in Delhi Haat, where we encountered an exquisite painting. The painting depicted Krishna massaging Radha's feet. My friend found the painting a bit curious. When we sat down to treat ourselves with some melt-in-the-mouth pooranpolis at the Maharashtra food stall, he asked me," Isn't Krishna supposed to be the alpha-male, the chick-magnet? How can he be shown to be so subservient?"
25/08/2016 1:25 PM IST
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What Children Really Mean When They Say ‘Fuck You’

In at least two of the five classes that I teach at my school, I see the F-word engraved on the desks. Does it bother me? No. Does it amuse me? Immensely! I am most certain (unfortunately) that hardly any of these students have read ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. So their act is not in any way inspired but, most likely, instinctive. And every time I realize this upon entering the class, I mentally tip off a hat to J.D. Salinger, and smile.
22/08/2016 2:51 PM IST