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Vishesh Kashyap

Student, orator, dreamer

The writer is a Delhi-based student with diverse interests. He is also an orator, tabla player and daydreamer [and hence also not a lot of fun to hang out with]. <br> <br> He blogs and can be reached at <a href="" rel="nofollow">The Common Column</a>
The Rare And Precious Dustbins Of

The Rare And Precious Dustbins Of India

It is nobody's wish to litter the very street they live on. Neither is it anyone's dream to carry a banana peel for miles before catching a distant glimpse of an overflowing bin. Public dustbins are a vastly understated commodity -- a fact that must be duly recognized.
02/09/2016 9:38 PM IST
The Autobiography Of A

The Autobiography Of A Pothole

Unless you are a Member of Parliament (and have been one all your life), you might have some recollection of me (or at least a few of my kind). You may remember me from the street your house sits on, or from one of the many humbling encounters I play host to daily. Or you might have heard about our kind from the media's annual week-long pothole coverage fest. Not that we covet the limelight. Why, publicity is seriously detrimental to our very existence!
25/08/2016 2:28 PM IST
Why I'd Rather Watch Cricket On

Why I'd Rather Watch Cricket On Mute

Cricket commentators manage to repeat the same overused phrases so many times during the course of a match, and with such great alacrity, that one wonders how many broken TVs (or heads) might have resulted were there no mute button. A part of the reason for this unending stream of inanity is the BCCI's stringent commentary guidelines...
27/10/2015 8:08 AM IST
The Tolls Of Delhi's Student

The Tolls Of Delhi's Student Polls

As has become the norm, campaigning for university elections is not restricted to campuses alone. Throughout the city, multiple layers of political posters plaster walls hitherto marred only by the usual <em>paan</em>-and-paint combo, and pamphlets, defamatory and laudatory, lay strewn across streets and pavements. Not even the metro, Delhi's most recent piece of world-class infrastructure, seems to have been spared, with campaigners only revelling at having yet another segment of public property to smother with campaign material.
15/09/2015 8:06 AM IST