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Vikram S

Founder of Asha Impact

Vikram Gandhi is the founder of Asha Impact, a social investing and public policy organisation, and CEO of VSG Capital Advisors, a strategic, financial and investment advisory firm. He was formerly a senior investment banker at Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley and is an active philanthropist and impact investor. He can be reached at @vikramsgandhi.

Time For Indo-US Collaboration in Social Impact Investing: A 5-Point Agenda

There is a natural synergy between the work of impact investors (those who intentionally target social objectives along with financial return) in the US and social enterprises in India. By exploiting this synergy, President Obama and Prime Minister Modi can help achieve their common vision of Indo-US collaboration to achieve inclusive growth and social progress. This five-point agenda for the US and India outlines how we can leverage the power of social impact investing to harness entrepreneurship, innovation and capital to solve the toughest problems facing society.
07/02/2015 8:16 AM IST