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Vignesh Karthik KR

Political Analyst, Legislative Assistant, Entrepreneur

Vignesh Karthik KR is a Political Analyst and dwells around political processes and policies in India. Currently, he is a Legislative Assistant to Shri. Gaurav Gogoi and a Research Fellow at the Office of Gaurav Gogoi, Delhi Chapter.
He is a MY Parliament Fellow (Model Youth Parliament), a policy awareness initiative that encourages active citizenship and service to the nation.
Vignesh is also an Associate at the Youth Forum on Foreign Policy, an initiative that seeks to develop an informed and substantive dialogue on foreign policy issues among India’s youth.
He is a Volunteer at Farm2Food Foundation and Ladli Foundation Trust.
His previous workplaces include the National Commission for Scheduled Castes commissioned under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, and Goldman Sachs Inc.
Vignesh has a Masters degree in Contemporary India Studies with a specialization in Identity Politics from King’s College, London (KCL) and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a specialization in Finance from Loyola College, Chennai.
South China Sea: A Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An

South China Sea: A Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma

As the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, upholding the Philippines' claim for the disputed waters of the South China Sea came as a sudden blow to what can be best described as China's meteoric rise to power, Churchill's famous description of Russia (“It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”) at the beginning of World War II, still holds ground. Only this time, the subject is China and the dispute, in the South China Sea.
17/08/2016 6:18 PM IST
The Government Can Handle Drought A Lot Better. Here's

The Government Can Handle Drought A Lot Better. Here's How

The Central government has released considerable funds towards relief activities, but does the issue get solved there? Certainly not! A disaster like drought is bound to re-emerge if the situation is not handled appropriately. What is crucial is a structured multi-pronged approach towards preventing drought situations before the onset of the short-lived solace of the upcoming monsoon, which till date has been a reason for the loss of vigour in the disaster assuagement process.
29/04/2016 8:13 AM IST