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Vasundhara Saravade

Student, blogger

I am an environmentalist that shuffles between my two home bases - Ottawa and Mumbai every now and then. Being passionate about the environment, I like to write on global warming, climate change and anything that inspires me to connect these topics to the real world. Sometimes I regress and write about personal experiences, such as culture shock and going to live abroad as a teen. I believe that education is key and am pursuing my lifelong dream of being an academic by doing a Masters from the University of Waterloo. Follow my blog at
The Iron Sky: Why We Must Battle Climate Change To Win The War On piyaset via Getty Images

The Iron Sky: Why We Must Battle Climate Change To Win The War On Terror

Terrorism isn't caused by an act of war or a fundamentalist speech -- it is caused by the inequalities that countries have faced in the past as well as the ones they are facing today. Inequalities that only get exaggerated by problems like climate change. Religion isn't at the root of terrorism, it is scarcity of resources and a lack of empathy. Nothing illustrates this as well as the story of Syria.
25/12/2015 8:27 AM IST
10 Things to Do If You Feel Lonely prudkov via Getty Images

10 Things to Do If You Feel Lonely Abroad

This summer when I moved to Jakarta for an internship, loneliness reared its ugly head. Since I was going to be living in Jakarta for only three months, it became hard to establish stable support systems. And for the first time, I was completely by myself. I made friends, but there were times when being my sense of loneliness became overwhelming. But I made it through. So I decided to catalogue my journey in 10 steps that could help you.
05/08/2015 8:19 AM IST