Varun Khanna

Disaster Marketing & Fundraising, Japan (Volunteer)

Varun Khanna belongs to the Department of Human Sciences of Osaka University in Japan. Broadly, his academic interests include international education and internationalization of education, gender, sexuality and community development. He holds various positions outside the university like National Vice President of Stonewall Japan, Vice Chair of Foreign Citizens’ Council at Toyonaka (Osaka) city, Coordinator of Future Village NPO, and Global Ambassador of the University of Tokyo. He can be contacted at <em></em>
What We Can Do For Nepal's Forgotten

What We Can Do For Nepal's Forgotten Villages

After more than one week of a relentless international effort in emergency assistance after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, we are yet to see aid arrive at some villages. This is the story of one such village - Katunge.
06/05/2015 8:15 AM IST