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Utkarsh Sahu


Utkarsh Sahu writes for various tech mags and admires technology with paradigm-shifting attributes. Digital marketing, social media and content sum up his current beat. An analytics enthusiast, he likes to break down the key variables that work towards making successful digital marketing campaign. Adventure travel and sports are his idea of a perfect vacation.

He loves social media, and can be reached via Twitter / Instagram as UtkSahu / Utkarshsj
You can catch him on Twitter directly here Follow @UtkSahu
Top 8 TED Talks To Inspire Your linetic via Getty Images

Top 8 TED Talks To Inspire Your Success

People on top of their game typically don't have more innate potential, skills or luck than the next person, but they sure do make a difference by finding ways to extract the best of what they have at their disposal. To that end, I have compiled eight TED Talk videos that will help you to not only achieve success, but potentially keep the spirit up around it.
27/08/2015 8:19 AM IST
5 Ways To Ensure That People Read (And Enjoy) Your Alamy

5 Ways To Ensure That People Read (And Enjoy) Your E-Mails

Since we mostly receive e-mails that are devoid of any human or emotional trace, we've closed our hearts and minds. As such we only feel an underwhelming joy when we receive a new e-mail from a long lost friend. So how do we get some of the old excitement back? E-mails can be as beautiful as lovingly handwritten letters used to be. All we need to do is take few cues from the history of writing letters!
25/05/2015 8:14 AM IST