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Umesh Mukhi

Founding Director, Sustainable Leadership Initiative

Umesh Mukhi has diverse profile with active interest in Management, Sustainability, Spirituality and International Affairs. He is also the founder of Sustainable Leadership Initiative which at mapping new leadership models required for resolving challenges of 21st century. As a Youth Leader he has worked with several international institutes and think tanks. He has been invited to speak on Leadership, Education, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability at several high level meetings such as Tesla Global Forum 2014, Sochi International Investment Forum, 2013, UN High Level Meeting on Youth 2011, UNESCO Youth Forum 2011, and Youth meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Umesh is also the recipient of Nikola Tesla Silver Coin Award for Leadership and has also been honored as the Cross Cultural Ambassador of UNESCO Club Sorbonne University.

After his graduation from India, Umesh moved to France to pursue higher studies where he is presently pursuing his PhD in Management; He is also the author of academic articles and also writes for Strategic Outlook and Mindthis. Given his transversal experience he brings this multidisciplinary approach for his research, lectures and publications.He likes working in multicultural and international atmosphere and is fluent in English, French and Hindi. He is fond of Travelling and Yoga and prefers listening to Lounge and Instrumental Music.

Area of Expertise : Education, Management, Sustainability, CSR, Innovation, HR, Managing and Leading Teams , Luxury and Fashion .
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