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Uma Nair

Curator and art critic

Curator and critic Uma Nair has been writing on Indian art for nearly three decades. She has been researching the Modern Masters and culling techniques and trends in contemporary Indian art at the Lalit Kala in Delhi. She curated Bengal Master Gopal Ghosh in November 2015 and Jamini Roy at Dhoomimal Gallery in February.She calls herself critic carnivore.
Stealing The Secrets Of

Stealing The Secrets Of Stone

The photograph gracing the announcement of Kounteya Sinha's show, "Stone" (25 June-6 July), at the Harrington Street Arts Centre in Kolkata, depicts a scene steeped in antiquity, juxtaposed with the photographer's jeans-clad form leaning against a time-stained wall. It is a nod to the urban nomad that Kounteya is, his exhibition of 55 images telling stories about 22 countries.
13/06/2016 8:31 AM IST
Tales Of Trees In Indian

Tales Of Trees In Indian Miniatures

Environmentalists all over the world are talking about the vital role of trees in the world's ecosystems. But there's another aspect to it: their beauty and cultural value. A sale of Indian miniatures at Christie's in London echoes the power and primary import of trees in the lives of Indians who lived in centuries past. It also celebrates the love of collecting Indian miniatures, with some paintings dating back nearly 300 years, amongst European families.
21/05/2016 8:11 AM IST
Jamini Roy And The Beauty Of The Calcutta

Jamini Roy And The Beauty Of The Calcutta Connection

Two collectors have become the cynosure of eyes at the South Asian Modern and Contemporary Art Sale of Christie's in London. And their roots go back to Calcutta and India's first modernist master Jamini Roy. Eight works by Jamini Roy will go under the hammer on 26 May 2016. They were bought in Calcutta by collectors who not only became primary patrons of Jamini Roy but were passionate supporters of the artist in other ways as well.
12/05/2016 8:18 AM IST
Achuthan Ramachandran's Ghunghats, Trees And Self-Portraits In

Achuthan Ramachandran's Ghunghats, Trees And Self-Portraits In Pots

A sari-clad Rajasthani woman picks petals, for a pooja perhaps, from a tree, surrounded by winged creatures and a watchful monitor lizard. But where the eye lingers longest is at the round-bottomed pot that sits at her feet, in which curled up in the foetal position is a ghostly outline of the 81-year-old artist. This image on the invitation card of the Vadehra Art Gallery is a befitting introduction to the show of maestro Achuthan Ramachandran.
01/05/2016 12:49 AM IST
For Artist Thomas Henriot, Paper Means Power And

For Artist Thomas Henriot, Paper Means Power And Poetry

Last month, on a misty evening in Delhi, French artist Thomas Henriot's works were put up for "one-night stand" at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre. Visitors arrived at the gallery to find an oddly unrolled paper that ran like a runner through the length of the entire gallery. Tall and lanky Henriot walked around the space with feline grace.
23/04/2016 8:26 AM IST
Unpacking Jamini Roy: A Private Collection Goes

Unpacking Jamini Roy: A Private Collection Goes Public

On 29 January, about 80 paintings and drawings by Jamini Roy, India's first modern master were unveiled at Dhoomimal Gallery in New Delhi. "Carved Contours" is a show that has come out of the treasure chest of the Uma and Ravi Jain estate and presents the best of the legendary artist's works. The exhibition will continue until 10 March.
09/02/2016 8:10 AM IST