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Thenmozhi Soundararajan

Dalit transmedia artist and activist

Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a Dalit transmedia artist and activist who believes story is the most important unit of social change. Through her work across mediums she centers the voices of communities into the vital debates of our time. Some of her current projects have included the transmedia project #DalitwomenfightHer work has been recognized by the Producers Guild of America Diversity Program, The Museum of Contemporary Art, MIT Center for New Media Studies, The Sorbonne, Source Magazine, Utne Reader, The National Center for the Humanities, The National Science Foundation, and The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. You can follow her work as a Robert Rauschenberg Artist as Activist Fellow on twitter at @dalitdiva
Dalit History Month Is A Love Letter To Our

Dalit History Month Is A Love Letter To Our Ancestors

Dalits, Bahujan and Adivasis, we know this truth. <em>We</em> are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the manifestation of our forefathers' and foremothers' dream of freedom. In their honour we believe that in order for our movements to go forward, we must know where we have been.
20/04/2016 8:17 AM IST