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Health Check: Is It Bad To Pop Your Pimples?

Trying to pop pimples can actually make your skin worse. Runs With Scissors/Flickr, CC BY Michelle Rodrigues, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne To squeeze or not to squeeze? I'll admit that I'm no skin...
16/08/2017 9:37 AM IST

Explainer: How To Extend Your Phone's Battery Life

Without proper care, mobile phone batteries can degrade and hold less charge. Arthur Mustafa/Shutterstock Jacek Jasieniak, Monash University As mobile phone users, all we want is enough battery life...
03/08/2017 8:47 AM IST

Global series: Wild world

If frogs can glow in the dark and cockroaches can change history, why couldn't dog-birds exist? Chris Goldberg / flickr, CC BY-SA Catesby Holmes, The Conversation; Clea Chakraverty, The Conversation;...
02/08/2017 4:57 PM IST

For Venezuela, there may be no happily ever after

In the face of rising protest, Venezuela's government has called on the military to squelch dissent. Efecto Eco /Wikimedia, CC BY Miguel Angel Latouche, Universidad Central de Venezuela Last week, ov...
02/08/2017 2:31 PM IST

Teaching Little Girls To Lead

Disney's retrograde princesses have seen some improvements in recent years, but they still send mixed messages about what female leadership looks like. JLinsky/flickr, CC BY-SA Virginia García...
31/07/2017 8:57 AM IST

Does Sugar Make You Sad? New Science Suggests So

Ruth Black/Shutterstock Anika Knüppel, UCL The thought of a cupcake, skillfully frosted with fluffy vanilla icing, may put a smile on your face, but research suggests that, in the long term, a s...
31/07/2017 8:53 AM IST