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Tejaswi Tej

Software engineer

I'm a software engineer by day and writer/blogger by night. An ardent reader and True blue Bangalorean, I really mean it & take pride in adding the prefix "Namma" to Bengaluru every time.
A Stone Unturned: Rediscovering Bangalore's

A Stone Unturned: Rediscovering Bangalore's Heritage

Every day I travel from my home in Bangalore to Electronics City. You've no idea how exasperating it is to cross the flyover known as Silk Board Junction if you haven't experienced it yourself. But yesterday was different. I was actually excited about crossing Silk Board. The reason: I was visiting a small village called Begur alongside Hosur Road. This unremarkable place has garnered attention thanks to the excavation of a rock with early medieval inscriptions in the 1000-year-old Naganatheshwara Temple.
06/06/2015 8:32 AM IST
Where You Must Go In Bengaluru For A Full Stomach And Happy

Where You Must Go In Bengaluru For A Full Stomach And Happy Heart

My appetite for gastronomic fulfillment, like many other Bangaloreans, is endless. And that is exactly what brought me to Nagarathpet Food Street. The fare you'll find here isn't fancy or exotic but it is authentic, delicious and deeply satisfying. Give me something cooked by one of the sweaty cooks here than any dish made by a white-hatted intercontinental chef.
04/05/2015 8:07 AM IST
Lalbagh: The Jewel of

Lalbagh: The Jewel of Bengaluru

It was after a decade that I walked inside Lalbagh with a camera in hand. But I had no idea of its history, its chronicles and the great human beings who made Lalbagh happen, until I started exploring its past. I'm sure most of us, just like I did, think of Lalbagh as just an old and huge green park. Here's my attempt to get to its roots. It is something that I feel every true Bangalorean deserves to know.
12/04/2015 8:19 AM IST