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Taruka Srivastava


Taruka is on a GREAT scholarship pursuing her MA in Sports Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. She was awarded the 'Most Inspirational Female student' by her University. She represented India at the Asian Games China 2010. She is currently on a work experience with Manchester United Football Club. She is a Girl Rising Ambassador. Freelancer for UNICEF. She is also a Former assistant writer to Film-maker, Subhash Ghai. She has previously interned with BBC, BJP, TOI and
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For The Walmiki Brothers, The Maharashtra Govt’s Broken Promises Litter The Road To Rio

A dilapidated 10x10 sq ft shanty situated in darkness below a flight of stairs leading to Marine Lines Station, in urban Mumbai, is the residence of Devinder Walmiki, currently in the Indian hockey squad for Rio 2016. His story and that of his brother Yuvraj exposes the cavalier treatment and dismal conditions that our players are subjected to despite winning laurels for the country.
19/07/2016 12:29 PM IST

Why It's Quite Enough To Be The Woman Of The House

My brother and I were brought up by our mother after my parents split up. Since I was eight years old, my relatives would advise me, "You need to be the man of the house and take care of your mother." Therefore, when I used to go for my tennis practice, I would literally beg my coach to allow me to play with the boys and not the girls. I switched from Barbies to car-racing video games...
09/03/2016 12:45 PM IST

Did Smriti Irani's Parliament Speech School Or Fool Everyone?

In the wake of the suicide of Hyderabad University student Rohith Vemula and the JNU controversy soon after, HRD Minister Smriti Irani has been facing plenty of heat. And then came her fiery speech in Parliament, where she got the opposition in a flap. So, here's the big question: did Smriti Irani fool everyone or did she school them?
02/03/2016 12:28 PM IST
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I Support The BJP And RSS But I Condemn The Arrest Of Kanhaiya Kumar

I am an active member of the BJP member and have worked for the party. I am also affiliated with the RSS/Durga Vahini. I have worn a T-shirt with INDIA written on the back when I represented my country at the Asian Games in China and I understand the pride and honour connected to it. This piece of information was important to enlighten you with regard to my stand. So what's my stand? I stand against the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar.
24/02/2016 7:08 AM IST