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Tanu Shree Singh

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr. Tanu Shree Singh is a parent to two preteen boys, a lecturer in Psychology, and has a keen interest in the area of Positive Psychology. Most of her theories of bringing up children, however, have been violently challenged and reshaped by her two sons. She is surrounded by three clueless men (one by virtue of wedlock and two by virtue of womb), has five dogs with distinct non-canine personalities, and has an ever growing bookshelf to hide behind.
The Flip Side Of Charity And The

The Flip Side Of Charity And The Charitable

Charity is a personal choice. My choice might be as inconsequential as going to the children's home and telling them a story, or simply helping a student out beyond the classroom. A friend's choice involves getting regularly late for work since she invariably finds herself stopping the car to put the stray pups safely away from the traffic. But these are our choices. They are not big. They are not path-breaking, but they are ours.
22/06/2015 8:41 AM IST
The Insignificant

The Insignificant Stray

The man outside the doctor's office just scoffed and said to me, "there are people dying in this world and you are wasting time on a stray puppy." You must pay. There are people dying in this world hence, you must die.
08/06/2015 8:21 AM IST
Arranged Marriage? Really?

Arranged Marriage? Really? Whoa!

For the wide-eyed guests, arranged marriage means that I was gagged and packed off. The incongruence of the situation baffles them more. Each time the conversation ends in, "You guys do not look like an arranged couple." Of course we do not. We are a deranged couple.
14/05/2015 8:26 AM IST
Road Rage: Bottled Up And

Road Rage: Bottled Up And Sealed

The men inched a little closer, ogling at whatever skin there was to see. Those girls were as old as my boys, a few years older than my niece. They were kids. I am a mother. And if you want to see a devil on the road, there is no better fire-breather than an outraged mother.
24/04/2015 8:08 AM IST
Urgently Required: A Tutor For My

Urgently Required: A Tutor For My Dog

The cow could be emaciated, feasting on polybags in the garbage dump, or trying to flick flies away from the wound on the leg, she was to be worshipped. Not cared for, but worshipped. There could be graver issues at hand, but maintaining religious superiority was of top priority.
09/04/2015 8:08 AM IST
My Favourite

My Favourite Sound

The rhythm of a train approaching a station was my favourite sound for the next two years. It signalled a journey home to love, and food. Only a hosteller understands the sweetness of the sound of pooris sizzling in the kitchen as one steps in one's home. Each time I returned to the cocoon, the warmth of the familiar sounds weaved threads of comfort around me. Each time I had to leave, that very train lost its rhythm.
05/04/2015 8:06 AM IST
8 Ground Rules For Handling Sibling

8 Ground Rules For Handling Sibling Rivalry

A blood curdling scream rang out. I froze. The only sound came from the dog still snoring at my footstep. In my mind, I was chanting, "God, please spare me this once. Just this once.' But, alas, that was not to be. A few seconds after the scream, two boys stormed into my room.
16/03/2015 8:08 AM IST

Why Write?

I love my small, chirpy, chaotic bundles of alphabets. I march on, followed by a trail of words, jostling with each other, elbowing the one in front, and tripping the one behind, all itching to form that perfect sentence, that perfect story, that perfect world.
09/03/2015 8:05 AM IST
The Woman, The

The Woman, The Culprit

What golden bird? The one that is all grey, with her feathers mercilessly pulled out leaving behind trails upon trails of dried blood covered by sands of time? Or the one we attempt to keep polished for the rest of the world to see? The wings of that bird hide within their folds, screams and wails, and an ever-increasing scroll of statistics.
06/03/2015 8:13 AM IST
Same Coin, Another

Same Coin, Another Side

For me, equal rights would be achieved when we, the womenfolk, stop expecting men to vacate the seat for us, when that announcement in the metro limits itself to aged and the differently abled people, and when, in case of a fight, my son and the girl he has a tiff with, are both dealt with on common grounds.
26/02/2015 8:16 AM IST
Not My Fault, I Was Raised

Not My Fault, I Was Raised Colour-Blind

You out there, on the other hand, are perfect. You have your answers straight. There is one God--yours. Fair enough. The other Gods need to be done away with, for they have their guns trained at your Gods.
15/01/2015 8:02 AM IST
Confession Of A Not-So-Super

Confession Of A Not-So-Super Mom

Next time you see a disheveled woman, downing an extra strong coffee, with two kids staring at her from the neighbouring table, their faces set in a hint of a scowl, pat your back. You are a supermom today.
04/01/2015 8:03 AM IST
Dealing With Diversity: A Losing

Dealing With Diversity: A Losing Battle?

So when you tell your child that he should stay away from the maid's son since he is a 'bad boy,' you are preparing him for a lifetime of contempt towards people who are economically challenged. When, at a restaurant or a mall, you giggle on seeing an obese man and point him out to the kids, you are creating another monster in the head about body image, and telling them that being fat is funny. The next thing you know, they have nicknames for the fat kid in the class.
27/12/2014 7:52 AM IST
Raising Responsible

Raising Responsible Boys

'Girls always whine,' 'girls can't fight,' and worse 'girls do not play cricket,' or 'girls love to cook.' -- these are not just random harmless statements, they lay foundation for a dark wall that defines gender boundaries.
15/12/2014 10:08 PM IST
Learning Respect, From

Learning Respect, From Scratch

Our job is not done with putting them in great schools. Ours is an ongoing job of keeping the dialogue open, of sensitizing the children towards the other gender, of discussing our own feelings towards any form of violation that we might have faced or seen.
07/12/2014 1:25 PM IST