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Tanmoy Bhaduri

​​Independent Photojournalist

Independent photojournalist interested in sociopolitical, cultural & environmental issues. 
Tanmoy Bhaduri

Development In Jharia: The Dirty Picture

Jharia, situated in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand, is one of the largest coal mines in India. Once a dense forest populated by tribes, its people and natural bounty were sacrificed at the altar of development.
31/03/2016 8:25 AM IST
Tanmoy Bhaduri

PHOTOS: Life On The Disappearing Island Of Ghoramara

I recently visited the island of Ghoramara to document how climate change is affecting human beings. This island in the Sundarbans Delta of the Bay of Bengal has lost about 75% of its landmass to waters rising due to climate change, causing two-thirds of its population--who can only be called climate refugees--to move elsewhere.
09/03/2016 8:29 AM IST