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Tanay Sukumar


Tanay Sukumar is a satirist-turned-journalist, and a Teach For India alumnus. Earlier, he founded and edited an international award winning satirical website. He writes on
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That Reserved Seat You 'Lost' May Never Have Been Yours

Recently, a viral Facebook post described how a general category student had written a Quora answer about a reserved category student who worked less, scored even lower, yet could get what the first guy could not, because of reservation. The post had nearly 10,000 likes. This flawed logic has often been used to criticize reservations. There is definitely a lot to criticize in the reservation policy and the related politics, but moaning over the seat that couldn't be yours is misguided. Here's a simple calculation...
03/06/2016 7:56 AM IST

The Trap Of Ordinariness Is Killing Our Imagination

I often meet young writing enthusiasts who do not write, singers who do not sing, and music and sports lovers who do little about their passion. When I myself started writing seven years ago, I found it disturbing that most of us are comfortable being perpetual "consumers" and rarely try to "create" something.
25/05/2016 8:17 AM IST
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Our Engineering Entrance Exams Are Doing A Serious Disservice To Students

The hype around engineering gives us aspirants who might have done wonders in other fields, but the exam system in its current format gives us aspirants who can become great engineers, except that they end up in the wrong stream. It does not make sense for a student to submit one application for the whole umbrella of engineering courses, when software engineering is as different from chemical engineering, as political science is from English literature.
06/05/2016 8:27 AM IST