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Syed Salman Ali

Entrepreneur, Aviator, Publicist and Business Coach.

Syed Salman Ali is an entrepreneur, aviator, publicist and business coach, he has helped more than half a dozen startups to grow, their online presence and revenue. He loves to share his thoughts around tech, startups, leadership and cross-cultural competence.
E-Commerce Will Take A Hit If Brexit Evgeny Gromov via Getty Images

E-Commerce Will Take A Hit If Brexit Happens

On 23 June 2016, Britons will vote on whether the country should exit the 28-member European Union (EU). If Britain does indeed decide to exit (Brexit), there will be political, social, and economic implications, for both the EU and the UK. The e-commerce sector, too, will not escape unscathed.
07/06/2016 8:22 AM IST