Swati Rajpoot


A physiotherapist by profession, I currently juggle my time between blogging, writing short stories and being a hands on mom to my six year old handsome little man. I am also working to compile my collection of short stories into a book. Writing helps to give voice to my inner feelings and turmoils. Spending time with my books and my thoughts gives me solace.
The Woman Who Held Me

The Woman Who Held Me Captive

There was absolute darkness. I couldn't see anything, nothing, not even the place I was held captive in. I was miserable, I cried with all my heart, with all my might, desperately, frantically, for help, for someone to rescue me, save me, to set me free but my voice died down, was drowned , lost in the silence around me.
25/06/2016 12:04 AM IST