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Swati Chauhan

Content writer, Digital Marketing Specialist

Swati Chauhan is a corporate marketing professional turned freelance writer. A computer engineer and a management graduate by qualification, she is a writer by passion. She is the founder of the popular lifestyle and good living blog The Eureka Life, ranked among Top Indian Blogs and Top Lifestyle and Fitness blog. She writes for many international and Indian publications, freelances for a British newspaper and regularly contributes to the NRI section of Times of India web portal and Elite Daily.
7 Things That Happened When I Logged Off Social

7 Things That Happened When I Logged Off Social Media

I didn't know what to do during lunch breaks, while travelling back home in the Tube, while waiting for my floor during the long elevator ride. There was suddenly a big void in my hours that seemed hard to fill. By the end of the third day, I was certain it was a stupid experiment. But at the end of first week, something wonderful happened.
03/07/2015 8:25 AM IST
To My Friend Who Chooses To Be

To My Friend Who Chooses To Be Childfree

I asked you the question I wasn't supposed to, and the discomfort of your expression, the abrupt pause in the flowing chitter-chatter was just too evident. The meeting ended in a whirl after that and we quickly parted ways, unable to cope with the uncomfortable silence. And as I hugged you tight one last time before we turned to say goodbye I wanted to whisper in your ear: It's OK.
18/02/2015 8:30 AM IST