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Surabhi Tandon

Video journalist

Surabhi is a freelance video journalist covering stories and documentaries in South Asia for various European channels like ARTE, France5, RTS, TF1 and Spicee (where the Irom story is on), as well as the South Asia Correspondent for France24 .
Irom Sharmila breaking her 16 year long hunger NurPhoto via Getty Images

Irom Sharmila breaking her 16 year long hunger fast

Where are all the others who have been declaring their salutations to Irom? The people of Manipur who run Irom Sharmila Support Groups. What of those who have gained from her fight? The keepers of the Sharmila's Trust (and trust). Everyone seems to have fallen silent. If this is a cruel joke, it needs to come to an end at the earliest because, despite her azaadi, she has now become a prisoner of her own struggle.
11/08/2016 9:30 AM IST