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Surabhi Paliwal


I am an entrepreneur, HR practitioner, and a HR blogger. I am presently taking care of my manufacturing unit based in Noida (DELHI-NCR), but the love of writing keeps me equally occupied. I have written a few papers, and a couple of articles, that have been published in reputed sources like -ASCENT (Times of India), a few journals,, Human Capital magazine etc. The following is the link to my LinkedIn Profile:
5 Ways To Be A (S)Hero In A Male-Dominated ASSOCIATED PRESS

5 Ways To Be A (S)Hero In A Male-Dominated Workplace

It is not very hard to enter a male-dominated profession, but it's tougher to survive in there. Among other obstacles, many women struggle with pre-set notions that certain jobs demand skillsets that are linked to masculinity. Let me inject some positivity here! Here are 5 ways that women can come into their own in any profession.
23/07/2015 8:05 AM IST