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Supriya Sehgal

Hopping cities for 250 days in a year!

Supriya is undecided as to which city she can call home; travelling for more than 250 days in the year can do that to you! She is also uncertain on pegging the most memorable experience of 2014. It's a severe tussle between spotting a grizzly in Canada, gaping at the Matterhorn peak in Switzerland, trying out camel meat in Oman, tasting the crunchy red ant chutney in Chhattisgarh or swimming with sharks in Sri Lanka.
The Last

The Last Photograph

Amongst incense, flowers, ladders, stacks of wood and bright shining sheets, I spotted a dusty frame that hung precariously on a wall, camouflaged between photo frames of Gods. A collage of people with cotton-stuffed nostrils, eyes forcefully shut and sullen faces surrounding the dead peered at me. Here, was the unglamorous side of photography--pictures of the dead.
23/12/2014 8:26 AM IST