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Sunny Arora

CEO, Broadcast2world

Sunny Arora is the CEO of Broadcast2world. It is a creative content production company that leverages visual storytelling to connect organizations with their target audiences. Having produced 2000+ videos for world's reputed brands, the organization has become the front-runner of video production industry. Sunny is an award-winning graduate from National Institute of Fashion and Technology - the premier design institute of India. His graduation project "Automated Online Fitting Solution for Apparels" back in 2008 before eCommerce revolution began won him the best commercially viable project award. Before 2009, he worked with Methods Apparel - South African Apparel Consultancy firm as an Associate Apparel Consultant for projects under Rural Government of India. He was declared "Pioneer of Tomorrow" by SAM BALSARA - Chairman and Managing Director, Madison World at the first episode of the show "Lufthansa Pioneering Spirit” by ETNOW.
How Animated Videos Could Boost India's

How Animated Videos Could Boost India's Health

Among the most popular video formats online are animations. Animated gifs were named as one of Facebook's top three ad-formats for 2016, as they leverage "one of the web's most popular forms of viral media with sleek movements that wow the eye." The research found that they generate tons of views which are easy to share. They are also easy to produce. Imagine if such powerful forms of video were used to spread awareness and education about healthcare in a country like India.
10/03/2016 11:35 AM IST
Why Marketing Videos Are Key to Engaging

Why Marketing Videos Are Key to Engaging Millennials

It's time for marketers everywhere to wake up and smell the coffee... errr... Cappuccino. If you think the generation currently with the most spending power is going to stop texting long enough to look up from their smartphone screens to notice your two-minute commercial on TV, then think again.
20/01/2016 8:22 AM IST
How To Transform Your Brand Through

How To Transform Your Brand Through Storytelling

When I think about the iconic consumer brands of independent India, there are a few names that have remained timeless. Amul springs to mind immediately. "<em>Utterly-Butterly Delicious</em>" almost became synonymous with butter and the Amul girl was the first brand mascot that every Indian household could relate to. <em>"Hamara Bajaj"</em> did the same for the two wheeler industry.
21/12/2015 11:18 AM IST