Sunita Kapur

Head of Children’s Publishing, Sterling Publishers, India

Sunita Kapur heads the Children’s Publishing at Sterling Publishers, India. She came into children's publishing quite by accident having joined Sterling Publishers to facilitate a first-of-its-kind joint venture with a German publishing house in 2007. Initially led the licensed products division at Sterling and <br> now spearheads the children's publishing for 5 years. <br> <br> Sunita has had a multi-faceted career ranging from fundraising to automotive industry to food retailing to publishing. <br> <br> Has post graduated in English Literature and Mass Communication and loves the written word. Other interests include song and dance, travel and food, and people of course. Always ready to add her voice and word where needed- in campaigns for cancer awareness particularly ovarian cancer, anti-corruption or accessibility. <br> <br> Sunita is trying to survive in Delhi with her husband Anup – also a cancer patient. Her 24 year old son Uday is a media professional in Mumbai.
Treatable But Incurable: My Ovarian Cancer

Treatable But Incurable: My Ovarian Cancer Story

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Teal is the colour of the ribbon of ovarian cancer. Teal is the colour of hope and with awareness there <em>is</em> hope -- of early detection, prevention and perhaps a cure. For now, there is just not enough attention accorded to ovarian cancer. The hospital that treats me is resplendent in breast cancer awareness finery but doesn't find it important to highlight ovarian cancer even for a few days. It's time to make some noise.
28/09/2015 8:24 AM IST