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Sunil Adam

Editor, News India Times

Sunil Adam is the editor of <em>The Indian American</em>, a bimonthly general-interest magazine published from New York. He is also the editor of two weekly newspapers, <em>News India Times </em>and <em>Desi Talk</em>. During his 20 years in journalism, he has written extensively on issues related international security, including terrorism, which was also the topic of his research at a graduate school in New Delhi. He has served in senior positions in newspapers in India and the U.S., including as managing editor of <em>India Abroad</em>, a New York-based weekly, managing editor of <em>India-West</em>, a California-based weekly, foreign editor of The <em>Pioneer</em> and assistant editor of The <em>Hindustan Times</em>, both national dailies published from New Delhi. <br> <br> Sunil is also an editorial cartoonist and some of his recent cartoons are available at:
Vinod Mehta: The Editor Who Stood Tall, With A

Vinod Mehta: The Editor Who Stood Tall, With A Slouch

Affable and accessible as he was, Vinod was also aloof, seemingly detached, if not distant. He was awkward in one-to-one interactions, avoided making eye contact, except when it was imperative to make an assessment. He rarely smiled despite his ready wit and redoubtable sense of humour. When he prowled the newsroom corridors, with his hands in his pockets and with his characteristic slouch perched on his tall frame, he wore a deadpan expression. So, why was this buttoned-up crosspatch popular with everyone who worked with him?
18/03/2015 8:17 AM IST