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Sundeep Keramalu


With a hybrid and an agile indulgence in journalism and advertising, Sundeep is a contemporary writer who works plots on motifs and theories that concern the human race. He has also ghostwritten articles for major media publications. To name a few: The Economist, Huntington Post (UK), and Forbes.
ISIS, It's Time You Had An

ISIS, It's Time You Had An Abortion

What you are asking of, or expecting people to do is insane. It's like my mother is still alive and I love her very much, yet you come, stone her head, kill her right in front of my eyes and then come tell me, "Call me, mommy." Fearing for my life, I just might. But deep inside I am going to curse you. Hate you real good.
08/08/2016 6:38 PM IST
'Kabali' Peaked At The Trailer. Here's

'Kabali' Peaked At The Trailer. Here's Why

First of all, I don't do movie reviews. I am the guy who just watches a movie and then maybe talks about it during lunch at work to avoid awkward silences. So, why am I writing this review about a movie I watched a half hour ago? Because you know, how sometimes when you have a near death experience, your perspectives change and suddenly you want to do all this good in life, save lives, be a better person? Yeah, I am in that zone right now.
25/07/2016 1:22 PM IST