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Sumit Peer

Founder & CEO, Aurelius Corporate Solutions

Sumit Peer brings over 19 years of experience and holds an expertise in high end technology sales. His current role entitles him with the strategic responsibility to direct & manage overall business of Aurelius. Client satisfaction, employee satisfaction and industry acceptance have always topped his list of priorities. <br> <br> With over 10 years plus of international work experience in US, Singapore and Europe, Sumit holds a successful track record in building business, running multicultural & multilingual teams. He holds a post-graduation in sales, marketing & advertising management and general management from the University of Cornell USA (Ivy League) besides having IT qualification like MCSE, CCNA & CCDA. <br> <br> Aurelius has the advantage and benefit at the ramp up stage where buiulding sales and getting market share will be the key to survival. Sumit Peer has sheer domain expertise and impeccable record in system sales of Satellite/Telecom products and Infrastructure projects with sound understanding of technogy and criticality of technology in such business. Sumit holds a sound understanding on all the technical aspects of business and stands as a techno-commercial person with full understanding of Business Units and related P&L. P&L handing ranges to multi million dollars and team size of hundreds across nationalities and cultures. <br> <br> Sumit Peer has travelled across the continents for business to more than 60 countries and has managed business relations will all of them. This has and will further help Aurelius to get a seamless base of knowledge. This will also further help in prevalent business practices to enter these markets.
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