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Suman Naishadham

Freelance journalist

Suman Naishadham is a freelance journalist currently based in Hyderabad. She has written for The New Indian Express and Khabar Magazine. She enjoys reading and eating dhaba food. Follow her @SumanNaishadham.
'Don't Smile At The

'Don't Smile At The Auto-Wala'

After six days there, I was convinced that Bangalore had a certain lazy sensuality to it, one that apparently extended to auto-<em>walas</em>. Using the mirrors on either side of the rickshaw, I glanced at him, imagining meeting him in a different context -- as a cousin's friend or a colleague at my internship in Hyderabad. A context that admittedly stripped him of his khaki uniform and punted him up several classes.
20/01/2016 8:22 AM IST